Who is Mentern.com

Seasoned Professionals with Valuable Experience

Mentern.com was the brainchild of the Social Strategy Group's Michael Morris (a semi-retired fashion professional) after having viewed the 2015 Hollywood film "The Intern'  where Robert De Niro's character Ben, seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site run by Anne Hathaway's character Jules.

Michael turned to business operations, management and IT consulting professional Edward Borsuk (E.M. Borsuk & Associates, The Social Strategy Group.com and Global Lifestyle Products.com) and as co-founders, developed the operational foundations and processes to bring  this concept to reality.

To round out the talent and add additional insight and business perspective, they reached out to David Cohen, a business coaching professional.

These are the principals of Mentern.com, and as seniors themselves, understand the trials and tribulaitons of the todays workplace and the challenges of dealing with the realities of the day.

Many hours of research has gone into this project to verify and certify that the Mentern.com project is required to help address the growing number of aging professionals faced with the issues of silent Ageism in the workplace and the societaly conceived forced retirment conumdrum.

Michael Morris Profile

In 1961 at the age of 16, I joined our family retail ladies wear business and now, 58 years later, with the business knowledge and experience in all aspects of the industry, I realize that everything I learned is of incredible value to share with young entrepreneurs starting a new business, or existing businesses facing the challenges of today's business landscape.

With this in mind we created the Mentern project to not only help the Business Community achieve their goals while becoming good corporate citizens, but to offer the opportunity for seasoned business professionals to continue working  in their field of expertise whilst combating the ageism that exists in the workplace.

Edward Borsuk Profile

After 5 decades in business and 40 years in business managment and IT consulting, I have myself  experienced the stuggles with Ageism in the workplace, even to the point of dying my hair on one occaision to look younger for a contract proposal.

My wish to share my valuable knowlwedge with a younger workforce and new and exisaitng entrepreneurs is a driving force for me to be a co-founder of Mentern.com.

It is also for the hope to satisfy those boomers with the desire to continue to share their knowledge with a younger workforce that needs the experience that a seasoned professional can offer and for that boomer to feel like their experience has value, while deriving some self-satisfaction that they can still be a valuable asset in todays society. That's how I feel about it.!

Mentern.com - Mission Statement

Professionally, Menterns have a confidence that's highly appealing. They trust their own abilities and it makes them decisive team members. You don't have to worry as you send them out on a big client meeting because they'll likely feel calm in the situation. You can trust that they will represent the business well.

After being in business for many years, Mentern-aged professionals have built up a strong base of connections in a variety of fields. Beyond surface-level relationships, these can be deep friendships they might be able to leverage when needed and might be of great benefit for your business.

Mentern.com - Vision

With their knowledge and experience, Menterns are in a perfect position to become influential mentors to younger employees.

Through this mentoring process, they'll provide a knowledge transfer to their younger associates which will help improve job performance across the board and can positively affect coorporate bottom line results. This can also improve employee morale as they feel engaged in a personal learning process for their career success.

Menterns Offer Businesses a New Prospective

People from this generation see the world differently. Although they weren't raised on social media and the internet, they've adapted to these technological advances and embrace them as part of their daily lives. This different perspective can be valuable in a professional situation, particularly if your office is currently staffed with a younger workforce.