Every Mentern has a story to tell

A Mentern needs to develop their own brand identity.

Telling a story and making yourself known is extremely important.

 It's the first step and governs positioning, operation and skills of the individual, and influences the decisions of Businesses looking for your skills.

The second step is the visual identity. It adds more depth and gives people something to remember the Mentern by. In this brief, we are going to explore the value of visual identity and why it is essential if you wish to succeed in furthering your career.

What is visual identity?

To function properly, a Mentern must develop their own brand identity, consisting of a great profile picture and well-defined written content. These components help make up the 'visual identity' which is essentially the story of a Mentern and the values that they wish to convey.

It is essential for a Mentern to assert themselves through both print and visual media, and is one of the fundamental pillars of the communication strategy of a Mentern.

The benefits of a strong visual identity

Today, an individual no longer builds their reputation through a resume alone. The image conveyed should be a measure of successes. Before embarking on the creation of a visual identity, you must explicitly and precisely identify your strategic goals:

Why is it so important to me to keep working?

Which media should I utilise to achieve my goals?

A visual identity must fulfill three essential functions: 

It is recognisable: by being simple and clear

It establishes your personality

It helps you stands out from your competitors:

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As your identity becomes more developed and thus recognisable, awareness of who you are and what you do will grow.


If people have postives things to say about your work ethic and ability, let it be known.

And afterwards?

Once your credibility has been established and your brand identity is in place, you need to maintain what you have so carefully created.