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Reviewing a Mentern's profile will let you know whether or not a potential condidate has the skills,  experience and 'fit' to be considered for a postion with your company. This is a major time and cost cutting measure to allow businesses to find a potential employee or contractor, in the most efficient manner.

For the security and privacy protection of our Mentern members, it is important that those businesses looking to hire a Mentern, need to create a business profile

Your company profile will consist of Company Name, Physical Address, Company Website, Contact Name, Email Address, Phone Number,  Business Focus and Comments/Employment opportunities. Please take note that to respect your privacy, our members will NOT have access or be able to view your company information or contact details until and unless you establish contact.

Once you have been approved (vetted) as a Business member and received your login password you will be able to Login to view the Mentern directory and establish contact with a Mentern for potential engagement.

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PLEASE NOTE: After signup, you will receive your login details by email, giving you access to the MENTERN directory through the LOGIN button on the home page. You will also be able to edit your profile using the same login process.