Why it is Important for Businesses to Hire Menterns.

They Have the Experience

They have been working longer, which means that employees in this age group have the kind of insight that you just can't teach. They've seen firsthand what works and what doesn't and use this awareness to form the basis of the decisions and choices they make.

This is the generation that developed 'Best Practice' solutions, which makes Mentern professionals valuable in any management or consulting role. When you need to leaders with experience, they'll be up to the task.

They Know What Business Needs

When a Business hires a Mentern, they'll gain a laser focused professional as Menterns understand the value they bring to an organization and will strive to make it a success.

They appreciate being part of a team and recognize the importance of their association with your company. These professionals know what they're looking for in a position and they know what kind of company they like to be part of.

Menterns are past the self-exploring career phase, know their limitations and expertise and will provide more consistency to their position.

While younger workers might want to do sales one week, or graphic design or culinary school the next, leading to costly and tiresome employee turnover, when you hire someone from this generation, you don't have to worry about them leaving in six months for a new opportunity they just have to try out.

Menterns Can Work With Different Personality Types

After spending years in a professional setting, Menterns are familiar with navigating the waters of office politics. They're not rattled by the office gossip type or the one who takes credit for their ideas. They know how to deal with various personality types in a way that remains peaceful and professional. This makes them valuable mediators in a dynamic office situation.

They Are Confident

Professionally, Menterns have a confidence that's highly appealing. They trust their own abilities and it makes them decisive team members. You don't have to worry as you send them out on a big client meeting because they'll likely feel calm in the situation. You can trust that they will represent the business well.

Menterns Are Well Connected

After being in business for many years, Mentern professionals have built up a strong base of connections in a variety of fields. Beyond surface-level relationships, these can be deep friendships they might be able to leverage when needed and might be of great benefit for your business.

They Can Mentor Younger Employees

With their knowledge and experience, Menterns are the perfect candidates to become influential mentors to younger employees.

Through this mentoring process, they'll provide a knowledge transfer to their younger associates which will help improve job performance across the board and can positively affect coorporate bottom line results. This can also improve employee morale as they feel engaged in a personal learning process and essential on-the-job training for their career success.

Menterns Offer Businesses a New Prospective

People from this generation see the world differently. Although they weren't raised on social media and the internet, they've adapted to these technological advances and embrace them as part of their daily lives. This different perspective can be valuable in a professional situation, particularly if your office is currently staffed with a younger workforce.