How to Create Your Mentern Profile

Your Profile is a career marketing tool, not an autobiography.

To market your professional abilities, keep your profile concise and focussed on your key selling points. Exclude past experiences that don't market you for your current goals. Every word in your profile sells your credentials and your value to a potential employer.

Two pages is enough to preview you

Leave something to talk about in the interview.

Put the most important information at the top of the page. Lead with a career summary so your key credentials appear at the beginning of the profile.  Include a page number and your name and contact information.

Infomercials: The new way to present yourself.

If you want  to continue your career, or find a new one, spend the time the time polishing and marketing your resume. Enhance your online profiles by building professional relationships and applying for jobs. The employment/recruitment field is very competitive and it may be difficult to get the attention of a potential employer.

If your resume and networking aren't resulting in interviews for your dream job, consider distinguishing yourself from the competition with an infomercial.

Develop your own personal infomercial and attach it to your professional profile  when sending out to prospective employers, and you'll substantially increase your chances of finding a position that suits your skills and interests.

An infomercial educates potential employers about who you are, including specialized skills such as conflict resolution and perhaps what an ideal working day is for you. Businesses can determine whether they need your talents and know who you really are, not who you want them to think you are.

Infomercials are the perfect complement to a resume.

Resumes or elevator pitches may not be the most effective methods to relay who you really are. Most resumes are like a trip itinary of where you have been and and leave it to the employer to figure out who you are. Elevator pitches are essentially sales pitches.

Don't be shy about announcing who you are and what you like to do. Marketing the contributions you can make going forward will increase your opportunity of obtaining work or a project where you will truly shine. Bottom line is you need to be comfortable presenting your infomercial in an interview. 

Tips on how to prepare your video

Dress for your dream job and film a video on your phone or have it done professionally. The more professional you appear to an employer, the better your chances are of getting hired. Practice a few times before you create the final product.

Have you ever heard yourself on tape? This  is how you're going to sound in an interview so make sure to sound natural and appear comfortable with what you are saying.

Be sure your infomercial addresses the following issues:

What specific contributions can you make to help employers achieve their goals ?

Talk about the best work you've ever done and the best things anyone has ever said about you.

Speak of your achievements with examples.

In what kind of environment would you like to work in.

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