Mentern.com exists to serve two key markets.

Semi-retired or retired professionals

We provide a platform for you to continue to share your value, knowledge base and wisdom with newer and emerging companies and small/medium sized business ownersFor new and emerging companies in Canada, we will match you up with a mentor, to help you have sustainable growth, to make sound management decisions and to achieve the goals you want to have happen with a strategic approach towards them.


We have a mission to help those 55 plus, stay vibrant, healthy, contributing and making a difference. We are changing the game of what those over 55 can do, offer and become. We also have a mission to help todays entrepreneur as well.  Our ultimate mission is to bridge the generational gaps between the wisdom of our elders and the drive and passion of younger and emerging entrepreneurs.


Vision Statement:

Within the next 5 years, Mentern will become a recognized brand name is matching the wisdom and expertise of semi-retired or retired professionals with the goals, desires and determination of today's younger and emerging entrepreneurs. We will be the go-to company for entrepreneurs who feel that they could benefit and grow by harnessing the experience and guidance of a "senior-preneur". We intend to offer learning and development for the young or growing entrepreneur and help those 55 plus be vital, needed and relevant in today's changing business environment.