It has been an educational pleasure working with Michael Morris Founder of the Mentern project and President of The Social Strategy Group.

I personally love learning through conversation, and that's how we work out ideas and provide each other with suggestions.

Michael having 40+ years of experience in the Women's fashion industry as a Manufacturer, Retailer and Marketing Consultant, has helped me bridge the missing years in my professional career. In the same sense my understanding of technology and its possibilities in our day and age allows us both to figure out what can be applied and what methods are best for execution.

Michael is an advisor with a strong imagination and a creative mind. The combination of what has worked in the past, what technologies are readily available, and what customers will always need/want has helped me to build my company in the right direction.

I definitely think that more Boomers and Millennials should work together and implement this Mentern relationship program, as it has worked out very well for me.

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