The LifeOmeter Journey

When you purchase a vehicle you follow the 10 following procedures to ensure the vehicle maintains a healthy and safe life:

1. Oil change: New oil

2. Sparkplugs: Replace and clean

3. Filter replacements: Cabin air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, PCV valve

4. Belts: Timing belt and serpentine belt

5. Hoses: Radiator hose, heater hose, power steering hose, fuel hose

6. Windshield wipers: Front driver, passenger, and rear blades

7. Fluids: Coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid

8. Tires: check, balance, and rotation

9. Battery check: making sure it’s working well

10. Wheel alignment: assures your tires meet the road at the proper angle


As you hit your 50’s and beyond, things that you were so sure about can begin to change. In fact, change might be the one thing that you know is happening, but you are unsure on how best to deal with.

1. Information change: what new things could you have missed and are currently missing?

2. Your inner SPARK: what has brought you joy? What is no longer bringing you joy?

3. Filter replacements: what do you need to cut out of your life? What toxins need to be removed? What is clouding your judgment? 

4. Timing: what critical things did you miss? What is coming up that you can find opportunities for success?

5. Hoses: what is the status of your network? Who are you helping? Who is helping you? Where are there opportunities to connect and thrive?

6. Windshield: what is your vision for this year? What are your goals? What could threaten to derail your vision and goals?

7.Fluids: is your life in flow? What’s not flowing? WHY?

8. Tires/Exercise: The tires are literally where the rubber hits the road. When your feet hit the road - how is your health?

9. Battery: Are you getting enough sleep? What’s energizing you? What’s causing you to lose energy?

10. Alignment: Is your life aligned properly? Are you putting the most critical things first? If not, what steps can you take to become aligned?

The assessment will give you an idea of how you are progressing on your journey to a happy and healthy long life.


Do you listen to podcasts/talk radio?
YES - quite a lot = 5 points Sometimes = 3 No = 0 points

Do you read books, magazines or newspapers (digital or print) ?
YES - quite a lot = 5 points Sometimes = 3 No = 0 points

Do you watch documentaries?
YES - quite a lot = 5 points Sometimes = 3  No = 0 points

Have you missed critical opportunities in the past?
YES - quite a lot = 0 points Sometimes = 3 No = 5 points

Are you looking at potential opportunities that are out there right now?
YES - quite a lot = 5 points  Sometimes = 3  No = 0 points

What is the status of your network?
I have a wide and very active network = 5 points  I have a somewhat small and active network = 3 points I have no network = 0 points

Are you helping anyone with their career currently? (ie mentoring) ?
Yes = 5 points  I have in the past 3 points  No not at the moment 0 points


60 to 80 points

Congratulations you are doing really well. We'd love to have you sign up as a Mentern and bring your ideas, and also help other people.

40 to 60 points

You're on right track. There are some things that are not quite finely tuned.

There are probably a few areas we can help you with.

20 to 40 points

We are quite sure there are some good things happening right now in your life but it might be overshadowed by some very difficult challenges.

Clearly your LifeOmeter reading is showing to some significant difficulties in your life.

0 to 20 points

You're probably stuck on the side of the road and need help to complete your life's journey. Why not schedule appointment when you feel ready. We'd love to share with you some ideas that aim to make you more successful.

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